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Compact Fusion Power

To ensure a clean, safe, sustainable

and independent future for all


Building a compact fusion reactor

nT-Tao is building a compact fusion reactor that will generate 10-20 MW of electricity. The reactor is highly scalable and will be about the size of a shipping container, ensuring clean fusion energy wherever needed. The reactor’s scalability and affordability will make it suitable for various power needs, ranging from industrial and manufacturing facilities to small towns and off-grid locations. This scalability coupled with the ability for rapid deployment, positions nT-Tao’s reactor as a versatile and adaptable fusion energy solution.

nT-Tao’s mission is to develop a unique nuclear fusion technology that will enable the world to transition toward a cleaner, safer, sustainable, and empowering future for all.

Our Solution

Optimal Plasma Regime

Our proprietary, ultra-fast heating technology for high-density plasma is accelerating the timeline for commercialization. It’s expected to enable 1000 times higher density, making its reactions 1 million times more effective.

Reduced Risk

Our solution’s compact size enables us to work faster and at a lower Capex; We achieve faster prototype advancement, implementing test results and introducing new proven technologies at a much quicker pace.

Unique Markets

Meeting the increasing demands for clean energy, enabling distributed energy, and empowering communities and industries on and off-grid. A variety of future applications are possible with clean, safe and abundant energy.

Our compact fusion power solution, the Tao Machine, will be able to connect to the main grid and also be independent of it, creating a microgrid or direct power connection where needed.

The Tao Machine will be at the forefront of human technological advancement, supplying clean, safe energy to power up industrial facilities, modern neighborhoods, data centers, modern EV transportation, space exploration, and more.
Our Tao Machine will also be at the forefront of developing markets, supplying reliable, abundant, and independent electricity to communities and facilities that are still lacking it, creating a safer future and empowering humans everywhere.

Our Tao Box offers a flexible power solution for diverse needs - from enhancing existing grids and providing stable backup power to enabling independent power supplies for industries, healthcare, desalination plants, and urban microgrids.

It will be ideal for electrifying transportation, from maritime electrification, supporting their zero GHG goals, to powering charging stations for electric vehicles and fleets.

Additionally, our Tao Box could facilitate client on-site power for data centers, and promote scalability. It will be ideal for offering clean, stable energy for small islands, eliminating reliance on unstable and dirty power sources.


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Our Vision

A future where clean, affordable, and reliable energy is universally accessible and secure, empowering humans wherever they are and restoring harmony between humanity and nature

Co Founders

Oded Gour-LavieCEO
Doron WeinfeldChief Scientist
Boaz WeinfeldChief Technology Officer


Fusion Insights and Innovations

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Our Advisors

Dr. Tal CohenDrive TLV, Next Gear Ventures Georgia Tech. Serial entrepreneur and investor who helped build up companies' value
Prof. Amnon FisherExperimental Plasma Physics Consultant to The Weizmann Institute of Science, Technion
Dr. Ilan Be’eryRAFAEL, Technion Plasma Physics & Pulse power systems
Dr. Eyal HulataIsrael's former National Security Advisor Talpiot program graduate. Ph.D. in physics M.A. in Public Administration, Harvard Kennedy School
Keishin SasakiCEO, Founder, e-solutions, Inc. Private and government strategic advisor

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